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5 Best Interior Decor Hacks You should know if you are on a Budget

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Interior Decor hacks on a budget.

Need a refresh but no clue where to start? It's possible to design a space within your budget by following these simple steps.

1. Choose one statement piece

The piece you choose should stand out, steal the show, and make your heart go pitter-patter when you first walk in the room. This can be accomplished without spending a lot of money by using color, size, and pattern as your standouts.

If you decide to use pattern or color, it is best to use the same pattern or color in other parts of the room and in other connected spaces to create a sense of cohesion.

2. Add greenery in your space

The addition of plants to your space brings it to life and adds a freshness that is impossible to duplicate. Plants come in a multitude of varieties and are affordable, which means there are endless possibilities.

Interior decor hacks on a budget

3. Add Layers and Texture

A room's layers and texture contribute to its depth and warmth.

You could layer woven blinds with linen window treatments, or you could layer a woven rug with a rug that has a pop of color. If you are willing to get creative, there are endless possibilities for layering in spaces even using your lighting.

4. Paint

Although it sounds simple, paint can completely transform a room. A variety of paint palettes are available to make the process of selecting one simpler. Your wall colors and accessories should reflect your personality and style.

5. Use what you own

Keep in mind what you already own when you restyle a room, moving items around can breathe new life into the space. You might find that pieces from other rooms would be more suitable for one space than for another, and they may be exactly what you need to complete your design.

Giving a room a refresh on a budget is possible

With one standout piece, layering, adding plants, and using items you already own, you can give your room a complete makeover on a budget.

Interior Design hacks on a budget

All Photos by Spacejoy on Unsplash

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